Rocket Bucks and RKTT Tokens

Apricot Rocket has created Rocket Bucks & RKTT Tokens as a tool to make it easier for Clients to purchase Leads and Earn Rewards by participating in the Leads Program.

One Rocket Buck contains 100 Rocket Tokens. Rocket Tokens (“RKTT”) are based on ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Clients can earn RKTT Tokens for a variety of activities such as

  • referring new users to Apricot Rocket by using a special referral link, or
  • by upgrading from the Free Account level to any paid Account level, or
  • when a referral upgrades from a free account to a paid account level, or
  • by filling out survey questionnaires which tell Apricot Rocket more about the Client,
  • and by responding to communications generated by vendors reaching out to Clients as a result of those survey questions.

RKTT Tokens can be held indefinitely within the accounts created by Clients on the Apricot Rocket system. RKTT Tokens can also be transferred to external crypto-currency wallets owned by Clients at the request of the Client.  Such transfers have a nominal charge in either RKTT Tokens or in Dollars ($) at the elective option of the Client.

RKTT Tokens may also be purchased by Clients who wish to use them to purchase Leads for their businesses as such Leads are generated by Apricot Rocket.

RKTT Tokens may be exchanged by Clients on the Apricot Rocket system. Some Clients may accumulate an excess of RKTT Tokens and wish to sell those to other Clients who need Tokens to purchase Leads. Apricot Rocket provides Clients with a tool to sell Tokens using the Token Marketplace.

RKTT Tokens earned by Clients by participating in the Leads Program Survey may be redeemed by such Client for USD ($) after a 12 month waiting period. Redemption is limited to the number of Tokens earned by participating in the Leads Program and other redemption  restrictions apply.

* Free RKTT Tokens are available only to residents of the U.S.A. and Canada who validate their email, residency address and cell phone.

No Purchase Required to get 1,000 Free RKTT Tokens.

RKTT Tokens are ERC20 tokens that can be used to purchase selected products and services offered by Apricot Rocket (and other some other vendors), and may also be traded.

For complete details on FREE Token Program click here.