The MetaMask Wallet

The MetaMask wallet is one of the most popular and many people use it.

No digital wallet is perfectly secure and any wallet that you select to use comes with some level of risk associated with it… just as a pickpocket can lift your $ wallet out of your pocket or purse hackers may be able to steal your crypto-currency out of your digital wallet. Banks have robbers and cryptoc0urrency has hackers.

Please note that we are not responsible for any loss that happens if you select the MetaMask wallet as your wallet. We use the MetaMask wallet and take precautions to use other wallets for cold-storage of currency.

Here are the steps to downloading and using the MetaMask wallet:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Download Link appropriate for your Browser… Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  3. Download and Install MetaMask
  4. Be sure to print and save your 16 word Seed Phrase
  5. Also print and save your Private Key.
  6. If your computer crashes and you have to restore you MetaMask the Seed Phrase and Private Key are the only way that you can get your tokens (money) back.

Note: MetaMask is a Browser Extension and will only work when your Browser is open.

To be able to accept RKTT Tokens you must ADD TOKEN to your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Open MetaMask, then
  2. Click on the ADD TOKEN button, then
  3. Insert Token Contract: 0xdf2cb77ba68a8c2bb0193126b9659b1572dea170
  4. Insert Token Symbol: RKTT
  5. Insert Token Decimals: 8

Once you have done the above MetaMask will recognize RKTT Tokens.

NEXT… you must provide your wallet address to Apricot Rocket:

  1. Your wallet has an address.
  2. You find it by clicking on the … symbol in the wallet, then,
  3. click the Copy Address to Clipboard option.
  4. Then… log into your Apricot Rocket account, then
  5. go to the Get Free Tokens link…
  6. then paste your wallet address into the appropriate space and enter.

If your account has NOT been approved yet the wallet address field will not be visible. To get your account approved you must:

  1. Validate the Account… we sent an email with a validation code which you must have used otherwise you would not be able to log into your account
  2. Validate your Phone… we send an SMS Text message with a 5 digit code to validate your cell phone.
  3. Validate your Address… you must upload a photo of a Utility Bill (or similar bill) that shows your name and address the same as on your account.

Once you have done the three things above your account will be Approved and you will be able to provide your wallet address.

NOTE: We cannot send Tokens without a wallet address.