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Apricot Rocket offers an optional SMS Text Messaging service. This service is not included in the Basic Free Account because there is a third party system cost related to setting up this service and for the cost of the sms text messages.

Both SMS and MMS Messages are available. Here is the cost:

  1. $5.00 if paid monthly – includes 100 SMS Message Segments per month.
  2. $50.00 if paid annually in advance – 1200 SMS Message Segments included.
  3. Cost per Additional SMS Message Segments – depends on the volume that you purchase. The more you purchase the lower the cost. Pricing ranges between a high of $0.04 per segment to a low of $0.015 per segment. For details see the pricing grid here.
  4. MMS Segments cost more. See the pricing grid here.

We have enabled a tool that allows you to pre-build and save SMS Templates. Once created you can also create SMS Campaigns by connecting the SMS Message Templates together in sequence and sending them using either a Trigger or by scheduling them manually.

NOTE: SMS segment length is limited to 140 characters, however, a segment must also include the statement “Text Stop to Stop” which effectively limits your message length to 120 characters.

NOTE: Special characters such as those found with languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. limit the maximum message length to 70 characters, minus the 20 characters required by the reserve of space for the “Text Stop to Stop” message. Therefore, if you are sending a foreign language you may be limited to as little as 50 characters for each segment of text sent.