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CRM, Email Marketing, Shopping Cart, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Membership System

The Apricot Rocket Shopping Cart combines incredible power and flexibility with simplicity and ease of use.

Here is a list of the features included, along with brief explanations where needed:

  1. Fully Integrated with the CRM: you can match purchase information with demographic or sociographic information to enable deep data searches for profitable customer profile similarities.
  2. Products/Services: sell both Products and Services online.
  3. Virtual Products: sell and immediately deliver virtual products such as webinars, pdf files, etc.
  4. Subscriptions: sell subscriptions for daily, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment schedules.
  5. Payment Options: accept payment using PayPal, Stripe,, NMI, bitcoin, or Rocket Credits.
  6. Loyalty/Rewards Program: offer customers Rocket Credits when they purchase, or, offer to redeem Rocket Credits when they purchase, or both. Rocket Credits are a powerful tool to incentivize repeat purchases and to encourage customers to provide you with details about themselves that they may otherwise not offer, such as age, sex, education, etc.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: with the click of a button you can create Affiliate websites allowing Affiliates to sell products off of a clone of your shopping cart where all sales are tracked to the Affiliate. With Affiliates you simplify the process by handling the collection and payment of Sales Taxes for your Affiliates.
  8. Drop Ship Marketing: allow others to sell your products and notify you when they have received payment. Drop Ship Marketing is where payments go to a Seller other than you and they are responsible for handling Sales Taxes and you handle Shipping.
  9. Standard Product Fields: these field types are used to capture things like size, color, delivery requested date, comments, special instructions, etc.
  10. Custom Product Fields: you can create an unlimited number of custom product fields.
  11. Standard Variable Price Products: these are fields where you can create prices based on calculations, such as, business cards that have different paper weights, rounded vs square corners, single or double sided printing, color or black/white inks, embossed vs flat, quantity needed, etc.
  12. Dependent Single-Select Variable Price Products:
  13. Dependent Multiple-Select Variable Price Products:
  14. Product SEO Tools: meta-tag for title, and meta-tag for description enable enhanced SEO.
  15. Pricing Options – Retail, Sale, Discount, Wholesale: enable the display and calculation of selling price based on a variety of field values, and also track your costs for inventory management purposes.
  16. Promo / Discount Codes: issue special codes to allow special discounts to selected groups. This works with or without the Membership Management System.
  17. Sales Tax Calculator: track and calculate sales taxes based on where the customer is located.
  18. Sales Tax Reporter: generate a sales tax due report based on location of purchase and/or shipment.
  19. Multiple Shipping Options: extreme flexibility for any needed process of calculating shipping.
  20. Multiple Product Images: store and display up to 10 images per product.
  21. Product List Layout Manager: you have multiple options for how to display products in a list format… line item vs grid… number of columns, etc.
  22. Category/Sub-Category Menu: create your own custom Category Menu with up to 5 Sub-Categories. Display Category or Sub-Category specific Product Lists.
  23. Website Platform Agnostic: the Apricot Rocket Shopping Cart system works with any website CMS.