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Free CRM

  • Unlimited # of Records
  • Unlimited Import & Export of Records
  • Capture Meeting Notes & Comments
  • Fully Customizable Data Fields
  • No Credit Card Required
  • 1,000 RKTT Tokens
  • Public Website / Profile Page
  • Pro Upgrade only $25/mo.

    Includes: 2,500 RKTT Tokens/mo.

  • Earn (or buy) unlimited additional RKTT Tokens
  • RKTT Tokens are valued at $1.00 per 100 Tokens
  • Purchase Tokens at a Discount on Token Market
  • Sell excess Tokens for $ on Token Market
  • Includes: Email Marketing Module

  • Pay for outbound emails with RKTT Tokens
  • Outbound emails cost one (1) RKTT Token ea.
  • Email sending volume limited only by # of RKTT Tokens in Token Bank
  • Includes: Option to Activate Additional Expansion Modules

  • Pay for Expansion Modules with RKTT Tokens or $
  • Expansion Modules

    Marketing Automation Module

    Cost: 2,500 RKTT Tokens/mo.
  • Create Unlimited Custom Forms
  • Embed (copy paste) Custom Forms to any website
  • Create Multiple Custom Form Sequences
  • Create “Branching Forms” with multiple branching options
  • Add Triggers to both Custom Forms or Branching Forms

  • Community / Private Member Module

    Cost: 2,500 RKTT Tokens/mo.

  • Multiple Levels of Membership Access
  • Control Community Content by Access Level Permissions
  • Grant Access to content pages based on Access Level Permissions
  • Integrate Custom Forms and Branching Forms into Content Pages
  • Include Videos, Images, and Audio files in controlled content
  • Integrate Access Permission with Shopping Cart granting automatic access upon purchase payment confirmation.

  • Shopping Cart Module

    Cost: 2,500 RKTT Tokens/mo.

  • Unlimited # of Products
  • Physical & Virtual Products & Services can be sold
  • Automation Triggers
  • Deep Data Association
  • Simple Multivariable Product Pricing
  • Complex Multivariable Product Pricing
  • Product Page and Product List Template Customization
  • Integrated with Customer Database, Marketing Automation
  • and Community/Membership Systems

  • SMS Messaging Module

    Cost: 500 RKTT Tokens/mo. + a per text fees starting at $0.04/text

  • Dedicated SMS Text #
  • Message Templates
  • Simple Ad-hoc messaging
  • Mass Messaging
  • SMS Message Price discounts based on volume purchased
  • SMS Message Bank
  • Integrated with Marketing Automation and Shopping Cart Modules

  • Marketplace Module

    Cost: 500 RKTT Tokens/mo.

  • Your Shopping Cart in The Marketplace
  • Apricot Rocket will promote your Products/Services to Members

  • Professional Services Leads Program Module

    Cost: Leads cost 2,000 Tokens ea.

  • You can list three (3) “Services You Offer” for Free
  • List additional “Services You Offer” for a One-Time fee of 1,000 Tokens ea.
  • Get notified via email (or SMS Text if you have Activated the SMS Modul when Leads come in that match one of the Services You Offer.

  • Token Marketplace Module

    Cost: FREE
    Buy Tokens:

  • Tokens Cost $1.00 per 100 Tokens when purchased from Apricot Rocket
  • Marketplace Members can sell Tokens for any price they wish, often lower than the fee charged by Apricot Rocket.
  • Sell Tokens:

  • Sell Tokens at any price you wish.
  • 30 Day Listings cost 450 Tokens.
  • Token sales proceeds are paid directly to your payment processor.
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