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The Apricot Rocket Community  Management System (“CMS”) is a powerful and easy way to control access to special content.

The CMS includes the following features:

  1. Auto Upgrade Records to Members: it is a simple one-click process to upgrade a Record to a Member.
  2. Members: Community Members must have an Account with Apricot Rocket to access your Members Only content.
  3. Account Validation: when you upgrade a Record to become a Member they Record is sent an email with a link and a validation code. They must create an account and validate the account to have access to the Member Content you create.
  4. Account Creation Forms: you have a special “Create an Account” form that you can place on your website. Anyone creating an account with that form will be added to your Record list and to your Member list.
  5. Account Login Form: you have a special Account Login form that you can put on your website. When a Member logs into your Membership Area using the Login Form they are taken directly to your Membership Content.
  6. Groups and Sub-Groups: you can create an unlimited number of Groups and up to five (5) levels of Sub-Groups under each Group. Think Books, Chapters, Sections, etc.
  7. Groups and Sub-Groups: you can grant Member Access to Groups or Sub-Groups or the Group level or the Sub-Group level.
  8. Member List: Members are shown in a special Network Members list.
  9. Permission Management: You can control Member access to Group content either manually or automatically.
  10. Shopping Cart Integration: You can sell access to special Members Only content by creating a Shopping Cart product for your valuable content and selling access. When someone purchases the content you immediately unlock access to that content so that the purchaser can get immediate access to what they paid for.
  11. Content Types: you can create content using HTML pages and provide links to downloadable PDF files, put Videos on the pages, upload spreadsheets or power point files for download, etc.  You can even put copies of webinars on private content pages for viewing.

The My Community Members screen is where you manage Members by Approving or Disapproving their Membership, and by assigning Permission for Access to Content. Assignment of Permission to access Content can also be automated by tying the content to a Shopping Cart Product such that when purchased by a Member immediate access to the content is granted.

The My Communities screen provides a quick access list of the Communities that you have joined.

The My Community Groups screen is where you ‘group’ and organize your content so that you can assign Access Permission to that content such that only specific Members have access to the content.