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Marketing Automation with Apricot Rocket allows you to automate the following tasks:

  1. Improve response times when prospects make inquiries.
  2. Automate simple marketing tasks that currently take human interaction
  3. Interact with your customers and prospective customers in a more intelligent fashion
  4. Reduce your personnel costs

We use Custom Forms, Logic Gates, ad Triggers to automate marketing.

Custom Forms: you can create an unlimited number of Custom Forms which can be connected in sequence so that when one form is completed the next form is presented. This makes it easy to collect information because you can reduce the amount of information requested on any particular form. People are reluctant to complete long, complex forms, but, if you ask them to complete short forms they are much more likely to do so. By spreading the information you wish to collect over a series of forms that are presented in sequence you are more likely to collect the information you wish to collect.

Logic Gates: allow you to create switch points where you can branch to new custom form sequences. An example: you sell two types of shows… golf and tennis. You can use a Logic Gate in a Custom Form Sequence to ask the question… “Are you more interested in Soccer or Tennis?” If the answer is Golf you can then present a Custom Form asking about Golf handicaps, clubs used, courses played, etc. If the answer is Tennis you can ask questions about racket brands, ranking, etc. The ability to switch to a new question sequence based on answers provided is the reason we developed the Logic Gate type of form.

Triggers: you can take actions based on either the submission of a form or the selection made in a Logic Gate. For example: if someone says that they like Golf more than Tennis you can flag their record in your CRM database that this is a Golf type client and you can also send them an email marketing campaign focused on Golf products and services.

Trigger Types: the following are the list of Triggers that you can connect to a Custom Form or a Logic Gate –

  • Send an Email – select an Email Template from your Email Template list and send it.
  • Start an Email Campaign – select an Email Campaign and start sending the Campaign.
  • Send an SMS Text Message – select an SMS Text Message from your SMS Template list and send it.
  • Start an SMS Text Message Campaign – select an SMS Campaign from your SMS Campaign list and start sending it.
  • Set Classification Value – set or change a Classification value for the record related to the Email in the Custom Form or Logic Gate.
  • Send Form Contents via Email
  • Send Form Contents via SMS Message
  • Add to a Web Report – insert the details from the Custom Form into a Web Report.
  • Add to a Directory – add the information collected by the Custom Form to a Directory displayed on the web.
  • Award Rocket Credits – Award Rocket Credits to the Account Owner who completed the Custom Form. This only works with Account Owners on the Apricot Rocket system.
  • Activate Membership Group – Grant access to specific Groups or Sub-Groups in your Membership Network.

Custom Forms, Logic Gates, and Triggers allow for highly complex automated interactions between your website visitors and you.