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The Basics of Rocket Token Credits

Apricot Rocket offers a Loyalty & Rewards Program based on Rocket Token “Credits”. Credits are a form of store credit that can be used for payment with many of the vendors on the Apricot Rocket system.

Credits are valued at 100 Credits = $1.00 when used to purchase products from Vendors. Essentially, one Credit = $0.01(a penny).

Apricot Rocket will purchase your excess Credits at the rate of $50.00 for each 50,000 Credits in increments of 50,000 Credits.

You can earn Credits as follows:

  1. Earn 1,000 Credits when you create an Account on Apricot Rocket
  2. Earn 10 Credits each time you log into your Apricot Rocket Account
  3. Earn between 100 and 2,000 Credits for each Apricot Rocket Survey question you answer.
  4. Earn Credits when you interact with Vendor advertisements and surveys
  5. Join a “Network Seeking Members” and earn Credits
  6. Shop in the Apricot Rocket Marketplace and earn Credits from selected vendors.
  7. Help Apricot Rocket grow by telling your friends and earn 1,000 Credits for each one that creates their own Account on Apricot Rocket

Advanced Use of Credits by Vendors

Vendors can use Credits to reward customers for answering survey questions which tell the vendor more about the customer.

Example: You sell shoes. Running shoes are more profitable than soccer shoes. You need to know the age, sex, weight, and fitness goals of prospects to know if they are likely to be interested in running shoes. But… people do not like telling that kind of information without a reason. You can create a Survey Form and reward people for taking the survey by offering Credits for completion of the individual questions, or for the completion of the entire survey process. Offering Credits gives people a reward for telling you information they may not otherwise share. Once you have this information you can do a better job of targeting the consumer with messages that will be useful and appropriate based on their wants and needs.

This video covers the basics of how to earn and use Credits.