Email “ClickTrigger” Alerts

Know Who Clicks… When they Click!

Drip Marketing Campaigns are a great way to build Top-of-Mind Awareness and to impress prospects with your knowledge and capabilities. Knowing when someone clicked on a link in an Email… and WHO clickedWHEN they clicked… the INSTANT that they clicked… is ideal. Apricot Rocket delivers:

  1. Our ClickTrigger tracking and alert system tells you when an Email Link is clicked.
  2. The ClickTrigger system tells you via email exactly who clicked. If you have a Phone # for that record you can call them immediately.
  3. The ClickTrigger can also send an SMS Text Message to your phone with the ‘clicker’s’ phone # so you can call them immediately.

Use Case Example: You are a real estate agent and you send out an email showcasing a home you just listed. You want to know immediately when someone clicks on a link in that email to visit the page where you advertise the listing. You want to call while the prospect before they call another Agent to set an appointment to see the home. With the ClickTrigger you get either an Email, or an SMS Text Message, or both, letting you know immediately when the link is clicked and who clicked it.