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  • Customer Satisfaction


  • Marketing ROI

The Apricot Rocket CRM allows you to easily classify your customer types. 

Create unlimited campaigns targeting specific customer types.

Schedule campaigns according to marketing goals and strategies. 

Analyzing results allows iterative improvement in marketing effectiveness. 

Your Apricot Rocket Client Support Team will help you create the perfect marketing campaign.

Benefits of Marketing Automation:

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Top of Mind Awareness Score (TOMA Score) is an indication of how good of a job you have done in building brand awareness for your company. The higher the score the better of a job you have done building brand awareness. Why is this important? Because people will not Purchase Your Products/Services or Refer Someone to you if they do not think of you when they have a have a personal need or a referral opportunity.

Creating Top of Mind Awareness is the primary goal of a marketing department. Automated Marketing helps achieve Top of Mind Awareness.

Increased Marketing ROI

You have invested a tremendous amount to build your customer (and prospective customer) database. Now it is time to leverage that investment and take your client relationships to the next level. Using an Automated Marketing System will grow your revenue and increase your customer’s (and prospective customer’s) perception of your company.

4 Steps of the Marketing Automation Process:

Build a database of customers using the tools included with your account. Create a Website using the Word Press Blog and then:

  • Invite visitors to “Join Your Community”, or
  • Invite visitors to “Subscribe to your Newsletter”, or
  • Upload an existing Database of customers.

Next you need to classify your customer database according to the way that your customers and prospects segment based on your particular business products, services and processes. It is the classification of your database that allows you to send targeted messages to your customers and prospective customers. At a basic level everyone in your database is either a Current Customer or a Prospective Customer. You will have different messages for each group. Most businesses also segment their Customers and Prospects into different classifications based on the products or services that are offered and are of likely interest to the Customer or Prospect.

Create a series of marketing campaigns, each campaign can target a specific classification of customer or prospect from your database. Each Campaign will have a series of messages that are designed to carry the Customer or Prospect through a process of engagement that results in a purchase at some point.

Depending on your business and the stage of your relationship with the Customer or Prospect you will create messages that communicate salient points designed to have the recipient take a specific action. That action determines what the next step in the Campaign will be. You can have an unlimited number of Campaigns and each Campaign can have an unlimited number of messages.

Each message can be scheduled to be sent to the recipient on a scheduled interval based on an activation date for that recipient. As the recipient takes an action the system will allow you to change from one Campaign to another. This means that when a message recipient clicks on a specific link you can trigger a different Campaign to activate for that Recipient.

Initiate a Campaign for an individual or group of records in your database. Once initiated the Campaign will run till completed. If desired, the Campaign can be set to automatically restart at the end, or, can lead into another Campaign automatically.

You can see the # of messages sent to the different individuals or groups and you can see the number of actions that have been taken in gross and on an individual level. Knowing how many Opens and Clicks happen is great information about your marketing that allows you to monitor and modify your messages to get better results.