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[CRM for Business] CRM with Integrated Shopping Cart

You should select a CRM with Integrated Shopping Cart functionality. A CRM with integrated shopping cart capability can make a huge difference in your overall sales and the growth of your online business. By having the ability to capture critical information about your customers and send them pertinent information about additional products and services you can […]

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[CRM for Business] CRM SMS Text Marketing Tools

CRM SMS Text Marketing Tools are super efficient marketing essentials. CRM SMS Text Marketing tools are super efficient marketing essentials. Every business that is serious about 21st century marketing needs SMS Text Messaging. CRM SMS Text Marketing Tools Traditional email marketing is very old school and only about 23% of people open emails that are […]

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CRM Automation of Repetitive Tasks 300x250

[CRM for Business] CRMs Automate Repetitive Tasks

CRMs Automate Repetitive Tasks by using process automation logic. CRMs can automate repetitive tasks using Marketing Automation tools. Marketing Automation is a popular term currently being used by many different companies offering data management services and tools. I thought that it would be a good idea to showcase some simple process automation so that you […]

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