Apricot Rocket Tokens

The Apricot Rocket FREE Token Program

Apricot Rocket Tokens (“RKTT”)

Apricot Rocket is offering FREE Rocket Tokens (ERC20 Tokens) to the following people:

  1. Anyone who creates a New (Free) Account on Apricot Rocket. *
  2. A Customer of Apricot Rocket who Refers someone who creates an Account on Apricot Rocket.*

* Note: To be a Customer you must Upgrade to Level 1 which costs $9.95/mo. Accounts are Free up to 100 records.

Number of FREE Tokens Offered:

  1. New Account Owners will receive 1,000 tokens upon validation of required information.
  2. New Account Owners will receive 5,000 tokens when they upgrade to Level 1 ($9.95/mo.). Such tokens will be issued 31 days after the upgrade date.* Only one such token reward will be provided per upgrade… this is not a monthly token reward.
  3. Referral Affiliates will earn 5,000 tokens for each New Account that they refer. Such tokens will only be issued upon validation of both the email, address, and phone number of the Referred New Account Owner.
  4. Referral Affiliates will earn an additional 5,000 tokens for each Referral who upgrades to Level 1. Such tokens will be issued 31 days after the initial upgrade date.*
  5. Each Level Upgrade will earn both the New Account and the Referral Affiliate an additional 5,000 Tokens. Ex: an upgrade to Level 3 ($24.95/mo.) will earn a maximum of 15,000 Tokens. If 5,000 Tokens were previously earned as a result of a prior Level 1 Upgrade then an additional 10,000 Tokens will be earned upon Upgrade to Level 3.

* NOTE: Tokens earned as a result of Upgrades to Level 1 or above will be not be issued until 31 days after the Upgrade date.

General Token Statistics:

  1. A maximum of 400 Million Tokens will be issued (via airdrop) free of charge.
  2. A maximum of 2 billion Tokens have been created.
  3. Tokens have 8 decimals.
  4. Apricot Rocket will release Tokens at a maximum rate of 20 million tokens per month after the initial 400 million Tokens have been distributed via airdrop.
  5. After the initial airdrop of 400 million Tokens the primary way that Tokens will be released will be as Rewards for Purchases made by Token holders when purchasing products and or services from Vendors using the Apricot Rocket CRM/CART System.

Requirements and Restrictions:

  1. New Account owners must prove that they reside in the United States to participate.
  2. We will verify all accounts via both email and phone before the tokens will be awarded.
  3. Referral Affiliates (existing Account Owners) who participate in the Referral Affiliate program must be customers of Apricot Rocket. The minimum monthly fee to be a customer is $9.95 for a Level 1 Upgrade.
  4. Referral Affiliates will be required to upload a signed IRS Form W9 to insure that we have information needed to report to the IRS.
  5. Tokens will only be offered to residents of the United States and Canada.
  6. Participants will be required to provide a copy of a utility bill showing their name and physical location address (no PO Boxes will be accepted).
  7. Participants will be required to provide a valid cell phone which will be validated.
  8. Apricot Rocket, Inc. reserves the right to not send Tokens to anyone for any reason without justification.
  9. Once Tokens are sent recipients must secure the Tokens.
  10. Apricot Rocket is not responsible for Tokens that are lost or stolen and no replacement of such Tokens will be made for any reason.
  11. The maximum number of Tokens that will be awarded to any individual Account Owner will be limited to 1,000,000 Tokens.
  12. Apricot Rocket reserves the right to limit the number of New Accounts that are accepted on a daily basis to insure that resources are available to provide premium quality services to all existing clients.
  13. A Transfer Fee of $2.50 will be charged for each transfer of RKTT Tokens to the Account Owner’s wallet, unless the Account Owner has unused Token Transfer Credits. This fee covers the cost of “Gas” required to make the transfer.
  14. Account Owners who have upgraded to Level 1 receive 1 Token Transfer Credit each month.
  15. Account Owners who have upgraded to Level 2 receive 2 Token Transfer Credits each month.
  16. Account Owners who have upgraded to Level 3 receive 3 Token Transfer Credits each month.
  17. Account Owners who have upgraded to Level 4 our higher receive 4 Token Transfer Credits each month.
  18. Token Transfer Credits do not expire once earned or purchased.
  19. Account Owners may purchase Token Transfer Credits at a cost of $2.50 each.
  20. Token Transfer Credits are valid for any size Token transfer.
  21. Participants in the Free Token Program acknowledge by their participation that Apricot Rocket, Inc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Free Token Program at any time without the requirement for advanced notification of such changes.