Affiliate Marketing for Vendors

 1) You sell products and/or services online.

 2) Affiliates want to send buyers to you & get paid.

 3) You give Affiliates links to ‘clones’ of your site .

 4) Sales are tracked to the Affiliates.

 5) Affiliates can see the sales made, but

 6) The buyers are your customers.

 7) Payments are made directly to you, and

 8) You fulfill the orders.

 9) You decide how much to pay the Affiliates, and

 10) You decide when to pay them.



  1. officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.“the college is affiliated with the University of Arizona”


  1. a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.“the company established links with British affiliates”

Affiliate Types


Individual Affiliates


Affiliate Groups

Individual Affiliates:

  • Individuals or organizations that simply want to send people to the Affiliate Website to make purchases and earn a commission percentage.
  • Typically have a group that they are connected to and that they have the ability to send messages to.
  • Good examples are High School Sports Team Booster Clubs and Non-Profits that want to generate extra revenue in a simple manner… without any complexity or administrative hassle.

Affiliate Groups

  • Individuals or organizations that have a desire to build and manage memberships and want to offer benefits to their members.
  • To be classified as an Affiliate Group they must use the Apricot Rocket CRM system as their database for managing their group memberships and communications.
  • Affiliate Groups can have greater levels of access to information about the purchasers of the products and/or services you sell.
  • Affiliate Group Members have accounts with the Affiliate Group (and with Apricot Rocket) that allow them to log in and see special Member Only content, and they can view a history of any purchases that they have made from Affiliate Vendors.

As the Vendor offering an Affiliate Marketing Program you have complete control over Commissions and Payments.

As the Vendor you decide on an Affiliate by Affiliate basis what commission % you want to share.

As the Vendor you decide when to make commission payments to each Affiliate… monthly, quarterly, or any other time frame.

Apricot Rocket reporting tools allow you to generate reports based on Affiliate and Date Range to allow you to know how much was sold by any particular Affiliate during any Month or Quarter… or any other time period.






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