About Us

Apricot Rocket, Inc. is a company incorporated in Texas.

Our Vision is to provide every small business with a powerful, affordable, and effective customer relationship management and marketing automation capability.In short, we want to make managing data a fun, intuitive, and exciting task.

We know that growing a business can be challenging and we also know that having control over your data is one of the hallmark accomplishments that must be dealt with before a company can become consistently successful. Creating a process to generate potential clients and manage their migration through the sales and marketing process is essential to the growth and sustainability of every enterprise and customer data management is critical to that process.

Apricot Rocket intends to be the best choice for small and mid sized businesses looking for affordable, efficient, and effective marketing automation and customer data management tools. We believe that managing data can be both intuitive as well as fun and exciting and that the greater the degree to which we are able to make data management fun and exciting the more successful you will become in growing your business.

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