About Us

Apricot Rocket, Inc. is a Texas Corporation formed in 2014.

Our Vision is to provide every small business with a powerful, affordable, and effective customer relationship management and marketing automation capability.In short, we want to make managing data a fun, intuitive, and exciting task.

We know that growing a business can be challenging and we also know that having control over your data is one of the hallmark accomplishments that must be dealt with before a company can become consistently successful. Creating a process to generate potential clients and manage their migration through the sales and marketing process is essential to the growth and sustainability of every enterprise and customer data management is critical to that process.

Apricot Rocket intends to be the best choice for small and mid sized businesses looking for affordable, efficient, and effective marketing automation and customer data management tools. We believe that managing data can be both intuitive as well as fun and exciting and that the greater the degree to which we are able to make data management fun and exciting the more successful you will become in growing your business.

Our Team

Supreme Rocket Commander (aka: President)

Lee Thurburn has a long history of serial entrepreneurship. Lee received a B.B.A. in Accounting from UT Arlington in 1982 then passed the C.P.A. exam in 1984 whereupon he opened his own accounting firm which he sold in 1987. In 1987 he opened Practice Management Services, Inc. as a management and marketing consulting service focused on helping Optometry and Ophthalmology practices grow faster.  In 1990 he went back to UTA for his MBA which he received in 1992 whereupon he launched Mexico Information Services, a publishing and information services company. In 1995 he started Flash.net, an Internet Service Provider which he took public in an IPO on the NASDAQ on March 16, 1999. Since selling Flash.net to Prodigy and S.W. Bell Telephone in 2000 Lee has been involved in many diverse ventures. Apricot Rocket was formed in 2014 by acquiring NetOffer, Inc. Mr. Thurburn has been an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2014 and has taught well over 1,500 students how to become more successful when they start their own business in the future.

Group Commander (aka: V.P. of Marketing)

Julie Thurburn has a long history of success as an entrepreneur having built a significant client base for Colour IQ, a personal image and brand management consultancy. Julie is a graduate of Douglass College, Rutgers University where she received a B.A. in Organizational Communication. Julie’s early career included insurance sales management, large retail sales and marketing management, as well as work in the modeling and movie production industry in New York City. Julie has significant experience in event management as well as theater production and marketing. Julie is particularly adept at marketing content creation and distribution management.