[CRM for Business] Customizable Data Entry and Record Edit Forms

Managing data is a challenge for even the most sophisticated business owners. As you customize your CRM and add unique data fields the number of fields can easily overwhelm your ability to keep up with them.

The above is the reason that your CRM should offer several different tools that make it easier for you to keep track of your data.

First, you should have the ability to group custom database fields according to their relationship. Example: you have a business which promotes events and at those events you have Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees, and Vendors. Each type of record will need to have a variety of data collected that applies to that group and not to the other groups. Assigning custom database fields to groups makes it easier to keep track of the information that you need to collect and manager.

Second, you should have the ability to create custom data entry and edit templates so that you only have to deal with the data pertinent to the type of record that you are viewing. Example: as per the above, if you are entering information related to Speakers you would not need to see the information related to Vendors, Attendees, or Exhibitors. Therefore, you would want to be able to create a custom information display template specifically for Speakers so that you could use that template when viewing or editing Speaker records.

Third, the tools that allow you to create data groups and create unique templates for adding and editing records must be easy to shift between and intuitive in their functionality.

Apricot Rocket is please to report that we are fully compliant with the above guidelines for efficient data tools and we make it easy to use these tools to manager your data.

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