[CRM for Business] Custom Web Forms make it easy to display information to public

A CRM should have the ability to generate reports that are easily visible to the general public. Think of web pages that are generated by the CRM and can dynamically and automatically update the information being displayed without any direct manual intervention.

Here is an example to consider. We have a client who operates an Art Rental business where you can obtain works of original fine art by well known artists without having to pay for the as an owner. This dramatically reduces the cost of the art. Businesses and individuals can rotate the art in their offices or homes without making huge acquisition investments.

The art that is offered is constantly changing as new pieces are acquired for rental and added to the available pool of rentable art. At the same time, other pieces of art are being rented and taken out of the available pool, along with pieces that are being returned or rotated into and out of the collection as people go through the process of updating their collections.

Trying to maintain a website with all of this information being changed on a manual basis would be an overwhelming and daunting task. Using CRM system to keep up with the changes in status and options and directly updating the website dynamically makes all of the management tasks much more efficient. That is what the Web Reporting system allows.

Here are some examples:

  1. Web Report in a Directory of Art format: http://fineartstaging.com/directory-of-art
  2. Web Report as an Individual Artist Profile: http://fineartstaging.com/marc-chagall

Another use for a Web Report is a membership directory. Many organizations use Membership Directories. As the Membership changes the directory needs to be updated. Using a CRM system to automate this process is much more efficient than doing it manually.

Here is an example of a Membership Directory: http://bnipne.com/member-directory/

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