[CRM for Business] CRM with Integrated Shopping Cart

CRM with Integrated Shopping CartYou should select a CRM with Integrated Shopping Cart functionality.

A CRM with integrated shopping cart capability can make a huge difference in your overall sales and the growth of your online business. By having the ability to capture critical information about your customers and send them pertinent information about additional products and services you can sell more of those products and services.

This is not rocket science. Say you sell shoes and you have a customer who purchases soccer shoes for someone who is between the ages of 9 and 12 year old. Now, also say that you learn that the person who will be wearing the shoes is a young boy. Because your customers is actually the parent of a young boy you can also offer soccer clothing for young boys, as well as other sports related items that young boys normally find interesting.

CRM with integrated shopping cart

On the other hand, if the person wearing the shoes is a young girl you can adjust your marketing for the kinds of shoes and athletic gear that young girls are likely to find interesting. If your shopping cart system does not allow you to collect this kind of information you simply can not perform the type of marketing that I describe above.

Most shopping carts have the ability to collect basic customer information such as name and address, but, most also fail when it comes to being able to store this kind of information. Further, most shopping carts are simply not designed to collect any additional information other than billing and shipping related information. A CRM with integrated shopping cart solves the problem of storing relevant information, but, not all of those make it easy to collect the information.

You should have the ability to either survey the client during the purchase process or, better yet, send them a follow up email, offer a special incentive, and make the incentive contingent upon completing a survey where you obtain the information that you are seeking.

For a CRM with integrated shopping cart which is designed to enable the processes described above please call 817-569-0494 and ask about the Apricot Rocket CRM.