[CRM for Business] CRMs Automate Repetitive Tasks

CRMs Automate Repetitive Tasks by using process automation logic.

CRMs can automate repetitive tasks using Marketing Automation tools. Marketing Automation is a popular term currently being used by many different companies offering data management services and tools. I thought that it would be a good idea to showcase some simple process automation so that you can easily see how this can be applied to your business. 

Here is a simple step-flow of a Marketing Automation Process:

  1. Potential Customer Visits a Health/Wellness Website, then
  2. Completes a Newsletter Subscription Form promising 10 Tips for Better Health, then
  3. Marketing Automation system immediately sends 10 Tips Newsletter, and
  4. Marketing Automation system adds Customer to Monthly Newsletter group, and
  5. Marketing Automation system offers 2nd Form asking for Information about Weight, then
  6. When Customer completes 2nd Form Marketing Automation System takes Customer to Weight Loss and Management page on website, and
  7. Marketing Automation system stores customer information in CRM database, including Visit Date and information collected on Forms.

Now for the second example lets presume that you do a lot of networking as part of how you gain new prospects and customers for your business. Of course, keeping track of the hundreds of people you meet is a challenge and one of the ideal things you want to do is both record the information about your new contacts into a contact management tool and send a thank you or welcome email to those people.

Here is another example of how you can automate repetitive tasks:

  1. Create a special Data Entry Form and place it on your website is a private page location where only you know where it is, and
  2. Configure the Form to collect First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Title, Cell Phone, Email, and Website… Address information is not required as part of your strategy but if it were you could also collect that information on the form, then
  3. Configure the Form to automatically send a Welcome Email to the person who you enter into the form so that every person gets a Welcome Email when you enter their information into your system, then
  4. Configure the Form to automatically start an Email Campaign educating them about your business with the campaign configured to start 2 days after you enter their information into your database using the form, and also,
  5. Configure the Form to automatically classify the newly added contact to indicate where you met them… what networking event or group…

The above process makes it easy to record new contacts and to send customized messages to them so that your follow up is seamless and professional. It makes it easy to build a database and to keep track of people making you look more professional and presenting a better image to your new contacts.

There are lots of ways that you can automate repetitive tasks and make your business easier to manage and grow. For more ideas that are customized to your business give us a call at 817-569-0494 and lets talk.