[CRM for Business] A CRM can Increase Conversion Rates

increase conversion ratesA CRM will increase  conversion rates by making it easier to target your prospective clients with messages that they will respond to.

To illustrate how a CRM can increase conversion rates play along with me on this scenario…

You are someone who loves to Tango. You have a special wardrobe for when you go to Tango parties and lessons and competitions. One of the special items in your wardrobe is your shoes… glossy… mid length heels for women with dance soles, or Gucci Jordaan’s for men… with a low platform heel.

I am a specialty shoe shop and I carry shoes for dancers. I just got a shipment of Ballet slippers. Do I send those photos to you? Are you interested in Ballet shoes? Will you respond to advertisements about Ballet shoes? Are you inclined to Unsubscribe if I keep sending you advertisements about Ballet shoes?

I think you get the idea. People are interested in what they are interested in. If you don’t know what they are interested in your marketing will be less effective. In the perfect world we would send pictures of Men’s Tango shoes to Men… and Women’s Tango shoes to women… the same with Ballet.

While we might occasionally send ads about Ballet shoes to Tango dancers, and vice-a-versa, generally we know that those ads will be ignored and that the unsubscribe rate will increase if we continue. Likewise, we know that conversion rates will go up if we target people with ads related to their interests. When we get in a new shipment of Tango shoes for men we should notify the men in our database, not the women… or… if we notify the women we frame the message about shoes for the men in their life… their dance partners… not targeting them as the buyers.

You get the idea? It is pretty basic. The key to implementing this is that you must know what is important to your clients and track that bit of information, then, use it. Do not get caught up in simply collecting information for information’s sake. That is a waste of time and resources.

One of the key aspects of successfully using a CRM system is deciding in advance what is important information to track and what is superfluous. This requires a little strategic thought but it is not terribly difficult. It is also important to consider how you can obtain the information and how you can maintain it.

Designing CRM databases and helping business owners make these strategic decisions is something that Apricot Rocket does on a regular basis. Give us a call and lets talk about how your sales and marketing processes work together and lets design a way for you to leverage the important bits of information you have in your business to create more sales and more profit per sale.

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