A Community Engagement

Marketing Engine

Would you like a steady stream of prospects?


by rewarding customers who engage with businesses

Never pay for 'Clicks' again

We provide everything you need to grow your business

and your community... including CUSTOMERS

Every account includes these features & benefits:

#1: CRM
(communicate more efficiently)
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#2: Shopping Cart
(sell products / services online)
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#3: Loyalty /  Rewards Program*
(increase repeat business)
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#4: Community Management
(new ways to earn revenue)
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#5: Email Marketing*
(make your emails more effective)
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#6: SMS Text Marketing*
(give instant responses to customers)
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#7: LEADS Program
(we send you customers who want what you offer)
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#8: Pay-per-Engagement Marketing
(more efficient – better ROI)
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#9: Affiliate Program
(earn Easy money)
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No Time Limit &
No Credit Card Required

Are you using Mailchimp or Constant Contact?


You get so much more with Apricot Rocket!

* Free Trial accounts are limited to a maximum of 100 Records. Free RKTT Tokens on login limited to 100 per day.
* Some limits apply. We must approve accounts uploading large numbers of email records prior to enabling bulk sending permissions.
* SMS Text Message service is available for a nominal additional cost.
* Loyalty Rewards Program requires Vendor participation in the Apricot Rocket Marketplace. A nominal annual fee is required.

Why Choose Apricot Rocket?

There are lots of great reasons

Affordable – it pays for itself

Powerful – capabilities usually only found on more expensive systems

Intuitive –  easy to learn and use

Flexible – unlimited customizability

Scalable – perfect for solo-preneurs and large enterprises.