A Social Business Network

For Businesses

  1. Access to potential new customers
  2. CRM with email and sms text marketing
  3. Shopping cart with Loyalty Program
  4. Marketing automation tools
  5. Membership management system, and much more

For Shoppers

  1. Rocket Bucks signing bonus
  2. FUN Rocket Buck surveys
  3. Log-in and earn Rocket Bucks
  4. Discounts on lots of products & services
  5. Loyalty Rewards program


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Know Your Customer Better
We make it EASY to control your data and to communicate with your customers and prospects
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Sell Online 24/7
Customers WANT the convenience of 24/7 shopping. We make it easy and reliable.
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Accelerate Growth
Marketing Automation improves the customer experience. Engaged customers are more PROFITABLE!
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Every account includes these features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Video tutorials
  • 1,000 RKTT Tokens (10 Rocket Bucks) signing bonus
  • 10 RKTT Tokens each time you login*
  • Purchase history
  • Personal website (profile page)
  • Upload contacts easily*
  • Automated data backups
  • Send unlimited marketing emails**
  • Shopping cart system
  • Cart setup & add product “Wizards”
  • Invoicing system included
  • Unlimited affiliate websites & links
  • Create unlimited custom forms
  • Integrate with any website
  • WordPress plugin available
  • Create unlimited custom data fields
  • Unlimited sub-user accounts included
  • SMS text messaging***
  • Zapier API included
  • Custom screen layouts for records
  • Custom screen layouts for sub-users
  • Bulk “Data Management” tool included
  • Business leads program
  • Leads program “Wizard”
  • Membership system included
  • Loyalty rewards program included****
  • No Time Limit on Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required for Free Trial

* Free Trial accounts are limited to a maximum of 100 Records. Free RKTT Tokens on login limited to 100 per day.
** Some limits apply. We must approve accounts uploading large numbers of email records prior to enabling bulk sending permissions.
*** SMS Text Message service is available for a nominal additional cost.
**** Loyalty Rewards Program requires Vendor participation in the Apricot Rocket Marketplace. A nominal annual fee is required.

Why Choose Apricot Rocket?

There are lots of great reasons

Affordable –

Powerful –
capabilities usually only found on more expensive systems

Intuitive –
considered among the easiest to learn and use

Flexible –
unlimited customizability

Scalable –
perfect for solo-preneurs and large enterprises.

Word Press Plugin

Got a WordPress website? GREAT… our Plugin makes it easy to integrate the Apricot Rocket system into your website.

Don’t have a WordPress website?

No worries… we thought about that too… we make it easy for you to simply copy and past a little bit of code onto your website pages and get Apricot Rocket services.

Either way… it’s easy and we offer video tutorials that show you exactly what to do.

E-Commerce Tools and Services

Shopping Cart

Have products you want to sell? Great! We have the best shopping cart solution anywhere. No brag… just fact.

  • Use Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, or NMI as payment processors.
  • Offer a Pay-by-Phone payment option, or accept Bitcoin.
  • Sell an unlimited number of products AND add products easily.
  • Cellphone and Tablet friendly purchase and checkout.
  • Customer Information goes directly into the CRM system.
  • Use Marketing Automation tools to encourage repeat sales.
  • Review the Order and Payment History for all Customer.
  • Sales Tax Reports make local and state filings a piece of cake.

Affiliate Program Tools

Increase your sales volume by creating Affiliate Sites.

The process is incredibly simple… one click simple.

Join our Affiliate Program and we will help you sign up Affiliates. Who are potential affiliates?

  • Middle School and High School Booster Clubs
  • Sports Teams
  • Charitable Organizations and Non-Profits
  • Churches… the list is endless.

As a Drop Shipper you focus on growing your business by allowing Resellers to focus on what they do best… marketing…

… and we help you build economies of scale by using our process management systems.

Drop Shipper Program

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to build a Reseller network and help your Resellers promote your products. As a Drop Shipper we make it easy to build and manage a Reseller Network.

  • Interview Resellers before you accept them.
  • Automatically get Email Notifications when a Sale is made by a Reseller
  • Resellers manually notify you when you are authorized to ship products.
  • Shipping information is sent to your CRM.
  • Shipping information is automatically sent to ShipStation.com if you wish.
  • Control Retail, Sale, and Discount Prices for all products.
  • Allow Resellers to set Retail, Sale and Discount Prices for all products.
  • Set min and max Price Ranges for Retail, Sale, and Discount Prices.
  • Control Product Descriptions and prohibit changes by Resellers.
  • Allow Product Descriptions to be controlled by Resellers.
  • Control Product Descriptions but allow optional Product Description enhancements by Resellers.
  • Require Resellers to collect Sales Taxes on your State if you wish.
  • Set Shipping Prices.
  • Automate Returns and RMAs.

CRM & Marketing Automation
Tools & Services

Email Marketing Made Simple

Email is the core of your online marketing process, so we make sure you get a great ROI with our powerful email tools:

  • Create professional quality email campaigns fast with our customize-able, ready-to-go templates.
  • Build your own templates with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor — no programming required!
  • Use dynamic content to personalize your communications and increase interactions.
  • Enjoy increased email delivery and open rates with CAN-SPAM compliant, optimized emails.
  • Analyze delivery statistics and open rates and know specifically who is interested based on clicks, etc.
  • Use Click Triggers to receive instant notifications and responses via email or text when someone clicks on a link in your email.

Drip Marketing Email Campaigns

Activating an automated message sequence… a Drip Marketing Campaign… is a great way to build Top-of-Mind Awareness and to impress prospects with your professional knowledge and capabilities.
  • Create professional quality drip-marketing campaigns using the Email Campaign Manager.
  • Select from custom templates you have already created or create new email templates and string them together using shortcodes.
  • Existing templates can be used and reused for multiple different campaigns.
  • Email Campaigns can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and by # of Days from prior template delivery. 
  • It is easy and intuitive to create campaigns and assign email templates (via shortcodes) to each campaign.

Real Time Email Statistics

The Apricot Rocket email marketing system allows you to know immediately which emails are opened and who clicked on links inside those emails.

  • We track # Sent, Deliveries, Bounces, Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Spam Complaints.
  • You know details of exactly who you Sent emails to, which emails were Delivered, which emails Bounced, which emails were Opened, which emails had a link that was Clicked, who Unsubscribed from your list, and who made a Spam Complaint.
  • We provide comparison %’s for the data collected.
  • It is simple to update your Client Records based on this data.
  • Use Click Triggers to receive an Email or SMS Text “Alert” when an email link is clicked.

Create Custom Forms

Being able to create Custom Forms means that you can collect information that is pertinent to your business from both customers and prospects.

When you create a Custom Form you can choose to send your visitor to one of three places when they click the Submit button:

  • Another Custom Form
  • A LogicGate
  • A Website Page

Custom Forms are especially powerful when used with Event Triggers to initiate automated actions based on the customer response.

Use Logic-Gates to Improve Interactivity

LogicGates allow you to ask visitors question then automate responses based on their answers.

Use Case Example: You sell shoes… soccer and golf. You ask… “Do you need Soccer or Golf shoes?” Visitors can respond:
 [_] I need Golf Shoes
 [_] I need Soccer Shoes

When the visitor submits the form you use Triggers to do things like send them emails, text messages, direct them to specific pages, etc.

The more you know about your visitors the better you can serve them with the right services, products, and information.

Custom Database Fields

  • Having a CRM is all fine and good but you must be able to customize your database for collecting and managing data that is unique to your business.
  • Create unlimited database fields that are customized for your business.
  • Use the Custom Form Manager to add Custom Database Fields to forms.
  • Data captured is automatically added to the appropriate CRM data record.

 …get more information here

Triggers Automate Actions

Triggers allow you to tell the Apricot Rocket system to perform special actions when specific interactions occur. Triggers are connected to Custom Forms, LogicGates and Emails. You can create multiple Triggers and perform complex action sequences. Triggers can be used to initiate one of the following actions:

  • Send an Email
  • Start sending Email Campaigns
  • Send an SMS Text Message
  • tart sending SMS Text Campaigns
  • Get Emai or Text notifications when Forms are Completed
  • Get Email or Text notifications when Emails are opened… or links are clicked.
  • Change Database Classifications
  • Change Sales Funnel Stages
  • Get Emails or Texts when Emails are Opened or Clicked

You can elect to Send Emails or Text Messages to the person filling out the forms, or to yourself as the account owner, or to other people, or to all of the above.