The Business Referral Network

Grow Faster. Join a group & get...

Industry Exclusive Networking &
Peer Advisory Masterminds

Digital Marketing Technology Included

For just $9.95/mo. plus a $100 Setup/Training Fee...

Get everything you need to grow your business...

including CUSTOMERS!*

*customers come from Networking

Apricot Rocket is a Community Building Business Referral Network

Membership benefits include:

Industry Exclusivity (in your “Home Group”)
& Peer Advisory Masterminds

You ALSO get these Digital Marketing Tools:

  1. CRM*
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Loyalty /  Rewards Program
  4. Community | Member Management
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Affiliate Program
  7. SMS Text Marketing**
  8. LEADS Program**
  9. Pay-per-Engagement Marketing**

*Up to 400 Records. Additional records can be added for a marginal added cost.
**LEADS Program, Pay-per-Engagement Marketing, and SMS text messaging services have nominal additional costs.

Apricot Rocket Networking is a Community Building Business Referral Network built on the Apricot Rocket System

Free Trial Accounts include these features & benefits:

  1. CRM (up to 100 records)*
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Loyalty /  Rewards Program*
  4. Community | Membership Management
  5. Email Marketing*

* Additional records can be added for a marginal added cost.
*SMS text messaging has a nominal additional cost.

No Time Limit &
No Credit Card Required
Membership in the business referral network requires that you participate in the Affiliate Program:
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A Community Building Business Referral Network

Are you using Mailchimp or Constant Contact?


You get so much more with Apricot Rocket!

* Free Trial accounts are limited to a maximum of 100 Records. Free RKTT Tokens on login limited to 100 per day.
* Some limits apply. We must approve accounts uploading large numbers of email records prior to enabling bulk sending permissions.
* SMS Text Message service is available for a nominal additional cost.
* Loyalty Rewards Program requires Vendor participation in the Apricot Rocket Marketplace. A nominal annual fee is required.

Why Choose Apricot Rocket?

There are lots of great reasons

Affordable – it pays for itself

Powerful – capabilities usually only found on more expensive systems

Intuitive –  easy to learn and use

Flexible – unlimited customizability

Scalable – perfect for solo-preneurs and large enterprises.