built on the Apricot Rocket system.

Appy Rocket CRM

Marketplace, Directory & Marketing System

Get More Customers,
Earn More, Work Less &
Create More Wealth!

With our Community Building
& Relationship Nurturing system.

Get a Cell Phone App for your business
+ a CRM w/Email Marketing
+ SMS Messaging...

…for only $49.95/mo…
(see below)

...includes Virtual (online)
Networking Group Membership*

Start with a Free Trial that includes:

  1. Detailed Business Profile
  2. Business Website
  3. CRM **
  4. Shopping Cart
  5. Loyalty /  Rewards Program
  6. Community / Membership Management
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Marketing Automation Tools

* Industry Exclusivity means that your may have to wait for a new group to form. 
** CRM database size limited to 100 records. Additional records can be added for a nominal added cost.


Unlimited Time Free Trial – No Card Required
No Contract. No Obligation. Quit any time.

$49.95 Monthly Fee Includes:

  1. CRM with 1,000 Records. Records includes People/Companies, Products/Services in the Shopping Cart, Orders for purchases made through the Cart, and Assets included in the Asset Inventory App module.
  2. Cell Phone App that is customized with your Logo, Brand Colors, and personalized About Us content. You must provide graphics, brand colors, and content.
  3. One (1) Cell Phone App Module is included. Additional Modules are $10 per month each. Select one of the following Modules:
    1. Shopping Cart – no limit on Products. Includes both Products, Services, and Subscriptions. Does not include download of virtual products.
    2. Photo Sharing & Chat (similar to Instagram).
    3. Audio Chatroom (similar to Clubhouse)
    4. Asset Inventory. This app allows documentation of assets such as Art, Jewelry, Tools, Furniture, etc. Take photos of assets and documents related to purchase cost.
    5. Vendor Directory. Allows you to create a Directory of Vendors. You can charge for inclusion, automate the process, or intervene manually as you vet Vendor applicants.
    6. Multi-Vendor Marketplace. This requires the Vendor Directory to work. The Multi-Vendor Marketplace is similar to Etsy… each Vendor sells directly to the customer… you take a commission on the sale.
    7. Event Ticketing and Scanning. Enables you to sell Event Tickets which are displayed on the purchaser’s cell phone. When they arrive at the event you scan their cell phone ticket to validate their ticket and check the attendee into the event.
  4. “Mastermind” Networking Group Membership. We operate a series of virtual networking groups which offer individual membership exclusivity. As openings arise in existing or new groups you may join. Each Member of a group has industry exclusivity.

Upgrade Options:

  • $10 per month per 1,000 additional Records of storage.
  • $10 per month per additional Cell Phone App module.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. The included SMS text messaging is limited to 100 SMS Message segments (140 characters) per month. Additional sms message segments can be purchased for a nominal added cost.
  2. Unlimited Email Messages included.
  3. Training is provided via regularly scheduled webinars and a library of recorded video tutorials.
  4. Cell Phone App is web-app based. To load your Cell Phone App to Apple or Google stores requires that you create a developer account with Apple and or Google. Both Apple and Google charge nominal fees to place an App on their store platforms.
  5. Cell Phone App custom development is available for nominal additional costs. Quotes are provided if you wish to discuss.