CRM Database

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Increase your profitability and eliminate struggle. Start building your database today.


Every business needs a database.

Having a database is critical to the growth of your company. Businesses without databases tend to struggle.

  1. Create a database specific to the unique needs of your business.
  2. Customize the database and create Custom Forms to collect the data you need.
  3. Store documents you send to and receive from clients and prospects.
  4. Track emails sent to and received from clients and prospect.
  5. Send yourself Reminders to contact clients and prospects in the future, or
  6. Remind your clients and prospects that they need to take an action.
  7. Score clients and prospects based on Lead Scoring metrics you develop.
  8. Use “LogicGates” and Custom Forms to create a unique interactive experience.
  9. Trigger changes in Lead Scores based on “ClickTrigger” events.

At the top of the Management Dashboard you will notice a blue navigation bar that has several options. You can click on the [Home] tab from any screen in the system to return to the Management Dashboard. There are two separate Quick Search fields, one each for [Search by Name] and [Search by Comments] to allow you to find someone quickly if the search is simple.

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If you click on the tab to the right for your Name you will see several options, the first is View / Upgrade Plan.


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If you click on that Option you are presented with the Service Level Plan grid where you can select the Upgrade Plan that works best for you.

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If you click on one of the green Upgrade buttons you enter the upgrade process which is secured by an SSL Certificate.


The following screen is the lower section of the Management Dashboard that you first see when you log into your Apricot Rocket CRM Account. There are Tabs for 1) Account Info, 2) Business Info, and 3) CRM Database.

Main Dashboard Tabs 900x240


When you click on the CRM Database tab you see the following screen where you can select from a variety of options related to the CRM Database.

CRM Database Tab 900x343


The first button in the CRM Database tab section is for Search Edit Records and/or Send Messages. The Search Edit screen allows you to search your CRM Records based on a wide variety of data fields.

CRM Database Tab Searcn Edit Members Screen A 900x521


When you click on the button for Add New Record to Database you see the screen below which is very intuitive.

CRM Database Tab Add Members Screen A 900x521


An alternative to entering records manually is to upload records using the Import Records from Spreadsheets button. This process is fairly simple. There are 2 Steps. First… you upload a Spreadsheet in CSV file format. Second… match the fields on the Spreadsheet to the data fields in the Database using a # matching process. When you have completed the # matching you click a Submit button and the system will automatically upload the records into your database then send you an email when it is completed.

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NOTE: The system does compare the # of Records with the Service Plan that you have selected and if you have more Records than allowed for your Service Plan you will be unable to access the records, edit the records, or send messages to the records, until you purchase an Upgrade that covers the size of the database that you have uploaded. If you have any difficulties with the Import process please call us at 214-772-6854 and we will be glad to assist with your upload and upgrade.


The Apricot Rocket CRM Database has three default Classifications that you can use to segment your records for more efficient marketing. They are Class A, Class B, and Class C. You can rename the Classes to better identify the nature of the selections that you place within each Class.

Edit Database Classifications A 900x381


When you Select records from your CRM Database and send a bulk email you are able to view a variety of email statistics related to the email that you sent. Here is an example of the statistics that are provided for every bulk email you send out.

Email Stats Page A 900x80


The Apricot Rocket Email Newsletter Marketing System includes a variety of default newsletters that you can easily customize for your business. As you customize those, or simply create your own from scratch, you give them names and the are available for you to select from in the future when you decide to send a bulk email to all or a portion of your CRM Database.

Create Edit Email Templates Screen A 900x506


This screen shows what the Template Editor looks like when you use it to Edit an existing template, or create a new template. It is extremely easy to insert images, videos, text, links, and to customize the look of a newsletter.

Edit Email Templates 900x428


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Note: Some of the listed system functionalities may not be available presently. The functionalities that are not currently available are either under development, or planned for development, and will be released in the near future. Where this is the case the expected delivery dates are disclosed on the individual pages where more details for the functionality are provided.