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#1) Word Press Plugin

The Apricot Rocket Word Press Plugin is designed to be flawless in activation and intuitive in operation. Major system functions offered by the plugin include:

  • CRM Database with Custom Forms and Custom Fields.
  • Email Marketing with Newsletters and Auto-Responders.
  • Marketing Automation w/ LogicGates and Custom Forms.
  • "Event Triggers" make your website truly interactive.
  • Click Tracking w/ Email or SMS Text click notifications.
  • Lead Tracking and Quality Scoring
  • Multi-User Sub-Accounts with Change Tracking

#2) CRM Database

Every business needs a database. Having a database is critical to your growth.

  • Create a database specific to your business.
  • Create unlimited custom database fields.
  • Create custom forms to collect the data you need.
  • Store documents you send to your clients and prospects.
  • Store documents your clients send to you.
  • Track emails you send to clients and prospects.
  • Schedule reminder notices... send to self or to clients.
  • Create Quality Scores for clients and prospects.
  • LogicGates & custom forms increase interactivity.
  • Event Triggers automate responses to visitor's actions.
  • Email Click Triggers automate responses to link clicks.

#3) "LogicGates" Improve Interactivity

LogicGates allow you to interact with your website visitors by asking questions. System responses are automated based on how your visitor answers questions you pose.

Use Case Example: You run a charitable organization that flies kids in airplanes to expose them to new experiences. You ask visitors... "Are you:

  1. a Pilot,
  2. a Volunteer,
  3. a Donor, or
  4. a Kid or a family with Kids".

When your visitor Registers you collect the basic information... name, phone, and email... then, depending on the answers given you take them to different pages or forms... Pilots provide different information than Volunteers, etc. The "LogicGate" allows you to compose questions then you instruct the system what to do for each answer given... maybe display a unique custom form... maybe ask another question... maybe take them to a special web page... etc.

The more you know about your visitors and community members the better you are able to serve them with the right services, products, and information.

LogicGates and Custom Forms both use Event Triggers to provide the customized automation instructions.



#4) Create Custom Forms

Being able to create Custom Forms means that you can collect information that is pertinent to your business from both customers and prospects.

When you create a Custom Form you can choose to send your visitor to one of three places when they click the Submit button:

  • Another Custom Form
  • A LogicGate
  • A URL

Additionally, Custom Forms can be set up to trigger one of several actions when someone clicks Submit. You can:

  1. Send them an Email and/or
  2. Start an Email Campaign to them and/or
  3. Send them an SMS Text Message and/or*
  4. Start an SMS Text Message Campaign to them and/or*
  5. Send yourself an Email with their contact info and/or
  6. Send yourself an SMS Text Message with their contact info and/or*
  7. Change data in CRM Database fields.

Custom Forms are especially powerful when used along with Event Triggers to collect specific information then initiate unique actions based on the information collected.

NOTE: * The SMS Text Messaging capability is an optional additional service that requires you activate SMS Text Messaging services.



#5) Email Marketing

Email is the core of your online marketing process, so we make sure you get a great ROI with our powerful email tools.

  • Create professional quality email campaigns fast with our customize-able, ready-to-go templates.
  • Build your own templates (customize headers, logos, font sizes and colors) with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor — no programming required!
  • Use dynamic content to personalize your communications and increase interactions.
  • Increase email delivery and open rates with CAN-SPAM compliant, optimized emails.
  • Analyze delivery statistics and open rates and know specifically who is interested based on clicks, etc.
  • Use Click Triggers to receive instant notification via email when someone click on a link in you email.
  • Use Click Triggers to provide instant responses to people when they click on a link in your email.



#6) Custom Database Fields

Having a CRM is all fine and good but you must be able to customize your database for collecting and managing data that is unique to your business.

  • Create unlimited database fields that are customized for your business.
  • Use the Custom Form Manager to add Custom Database Fields to forms.
  • Data captured is automatically addded to the appropriate CRM data record.
  • Place custom forms on your Word Press website using shortcodes... no programming needed.
  • String Custom Forms together directly or use LogicGates to switch between forms dynamically.

Custom Forms are a powerful tool to use to collect exactly the right data from visitors based on answers to questions you present as they fill out the form pages. Use LogicGates to dynamically switch between forms based on the answers provided.


#7) Comprehensive Real Time Email Stats

The Apricot Rocket email marketing system allows you to know immediately which emails are opened and who clicked on links inside those emails.

  • We track # Sent, Deliveries, Bounces, Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Spam Complaints.
  • You know details of exactly who you Sent emails to, which emails were Delivered, which emails Bounced, which emails were Opened, which emails had a link that was Clicked, who Unsubscribed from your list, and who made a Spam Complaint.
  • We provide comparison %'s for the data collected.
  • It is simple to update your Client Records based on this data.
  • Use ClickTriggers receive an Email or SMS Text "Alert" when an email link is clicked.

If you need to contact your customers when they indicate an interest... strike while the interest is at the top of their mind... you will love the ClickTrigger feature.


#8) Drip Marketing Email Campaigns

Activating an automated message sequence... a Drip Marketing Campaign... is a great way to build Top-of-Mind Awareness and to impress prospects with your professional knowledge and capabilities.

  • Create professional quality drip-marketing campaigns using the Email Campaign Manager.
  • Select from custom templates you have already created or create new email templates and string them together using shortcodes.
  • Existing templates can be used and reused for multiple different campaigns.
  • Email Campaigns can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and by # of Days from prior template delivery. It is easy and intuitive to create campaigns and assign email templates (via shortcodes) to each campaign.
  • The Dynamic Content Manager creates emails with dynamically generated content.



#9) Email "Click Triggers"

Activating an automated message sequence... a Drip Marketing Campaign... is a great way to build Top-of-Mind Awareness and to impress prospects with your knowledge and capabilities. Knowing when someone clicked on a link in an Email... and WHO clicked... WHEN they clicked... the INSTANT that they clicked... is ideal.

  • Our Click Trigger click tracking system sends you an Email when an Email Link is clicked.
  • The Click Trigger automated email tells you exactly who clicked. If you have a Phone # for that record you can call them immediately.
  • The Click Trigger also can send an SMS Text Message to your phone if you wish. The SMS text message will have the Ph# from the CRM record (if one exists) and you will be able to click on the Ph# to make a call

Use Case Example: You are a real estate agent and want to know immediately when someone clicks on a link in an email to a page where you advertise a home for sale. You want to call while the prospect is still interested and before they call another Agent to appoint to see the home.


#10) Mobile Enabled... Mobile Friendly

The world has gone mobile. Have You?

Apricot Rocket is fully tested to be compatible with all mobile devices.

  • Access your data from your phone or tablet.
  • Send emails and review delivery statistics from your phone or tablet.
  • View your online Payment History whenever you wish.
  • Trigger marketing campaigns from your phone or tablet.
  • Get "ClickTrigger" SMS Text Message alerts on your phone or tablet.
  • You have complete control over your data any time... any where.

Over 55% of all visitors to your website are on a mobile device. Apricot Rocket can help your website be more friendly to mobile visitors.

OK... we have ...

#11) Event Triggers

Event Triggers allow you to tell the Apricot Rocket system to do something special when a 'Trigger Event' occurs. They are connected to either Custom Forms or to LogicGates.You can create multiple Event Triggers and string them together in a sequence. Each Event Trigger can be used to initiate one of the following actions:

  1. Send an Email
  2. Start sending an Email Campaign
  3. Send an SMS Text Message
  4. Start sending an SMS Text Message Campaign
  5. Change Data in CRM Database

You can elect to Send Emails or Text Messages to:

  1. the person filling out the forms, or to
  2. yourself as the account owner, or to
  3. other people, or to
  4. all of the above.

This means that you can send one email or email campaign to the person filling out the form and another email or text message to yourself letting you know what is happening on your site in real time.

#12) Affordable

Pay only for what you need based on the size of your database. 100% of the functionality of Apricot Rocket is available to every client.

  • Pay Monthly as long as you need the tools.
  • View your online Payment History whenever you wish.
  • Discontinue service whenever you wish.
  • No contracts... ever.
  • You have complete control over your budget and when you pay.

AFFORDABLE... did we forget to mention that Apricot Rocket is the indisputable best value on the market if you need a Marketing Automation engine.